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This is a crucial year for the European Union. The management of Brexit and the election of a new Parliament of the European Union will determine the future of Europeans, within and outside the Union, for years to come. Because of global interconnections, European developments will also affect the international picture. In many respects, religion and religions play a key role in the process, while at the same time being strongly affected by it. Since 1989 our Consortiumhas devoted itself to research on the interaction of church and state, and law and religion. We endeavour to study and interpret the law on religion of member states and that of the European Union, in its correlation with international law and religious laws. We do not understand the law as a static, isolated set of norms, but as a dynamic expression of society and politics. In accordance with the constitutional texts of our countries, the Council of Europe and the European Union, and the commitments of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, we cherish freedom of religion or belief, and dialogue between representatives of civil and religious authorities.A better Europe in a better world needs better research on church and state, and law and religion. We need it in order to improve and refine our knowledge of the past and present; we need it in order to make sound choices for the future. We set ourselves the goal of making a meaningful and lasting contribution, in association with many colleagues, institutions, actors and policy-makers who also partake in this effort.

Marco Ventura, Italy (President, 2019).

Last News

Publication of the proceedings of the XIXth Annual Meeting (Tallinn, 16-18 November 2017)

This volume (Comares, Granada, 2020) contains the proceedings of the meeting held in Tallinn during the days 16-18 November 2017 about the topic Securitisation of Religious Freedom: Religion and Limits of State Control - Sécurisation de la liberté religieuse : La religion et les limites du contrôle de l’Etat.

XXXIst Annual Meeting: “Taxation, Religions and Philosophical and Non-Confessional Organisations in Europe”

From Thursday, November 14 to Sunday, 17
All sessions at Luxembourg.